Book Formatting Commands for Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac can be found by clicking on this link.

Changes take place in the publishing industry quite frequently. Here are the latest:

Formatting Ebooks

Diamond Press has published several short ebooks on how to format ebooks, print books, and covers for publication. These books are:

1. How to Format a Print Book in 12 Easy Steps
2. How to Format an eBook for Kindle, Nook and Smashwords
3. How to Format Book Covers for Print Publication in 8 Simple Steps

Lightning Source

Lightning Source is now requiring small publishing companies to sign up with IngramSpark. In this program, instead of allowing publishers to set a discount of 20% to retailers, IngramSpark will only allow publishers to set a 40% or 55% discount. This means less money in your pocket, as a small publisher. Apparently, IngramSpark also requires publishers to sign exclusive ebook agreements, as well. Does this mean you can’t upload your ebooks directly to KDP, etc.? For more on this subject, visit the POD Publishers Yahoo Group (need to be a member first) and read this message.

For more (older) updates regarding Lightning Source, please scroll down the page.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble’s PubIt is now called Nook Press. It can be reached here: https://www.nookpress.com/


Smashwords Now Will Accept Epub Uploads:
Smashwords now supports Epub uploads via Smashwords Direct.

Blog post with more information:
Online documentation for Epub upload through Smashwords Direct (SWD):

Smashwords Cover Image requirements:
Smashwords now requires that covers be a minimum of 1400 px wide. Here is a link to explain more: Smashwords Covers
Amazon recommends that covers be 2500 px tall (on the longest side), but only 1000 px is required.
Barnes & Noble is now recommending that covers be between 1200 px and 2000 px in height.

Lightning Source

A tip to the wise: The maximum number of characters allowed in the LSI book description section is 4,000 characters.

New Standard Color Printing Option at LSI

New Lightning Source Cover Templates:

08/12/12 Lightning Source has now changed the look of their cover templates. See this article for instructions on how to place guides and your cover on the new cover templates.

Old Lightning Source Cover Templates:

08/12/12 If you’re still working iwth LSI’s old cover template, visit this page to learn how to place guides and your cover on the old cover template.

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