New Lightning Source Cover Templates

Lightning Source has now changed the look of their cover templates. They now look similar to CreateSpace templates.

Here’s an example of a new Lightning Source Template:

Simply follow LSI’s instructions on the template, and keep your important text and images within the pink areas. As recommended in Book Formatting for Self-Publishers, place guides on the template, so that you can see where these safety zones are when you cover the template with your cover image. Place guides as indicated in the following image:

If you would like to mark the fold lines with guides as well, see the following example:

New Lightning Source Cover Template Fold Marks

All backgrounds should extend through both the pink and blue areas of the template. But again, important text, images (such as your publisher logo on the spine), and the ISBN bar code must be placed within the safe pink areas of the template.

Here is an example of a cover correctly placed on the template:

Template Cover Positioned Correctly

The next image is zoomed in on the bottom left corner of the cover image. Notice how the cover extends to, but does not overlap the blue border of the template. No images cross into the white area of the template.

Corner of LSI Template

For more information, see LSI’s File Creation Guide:

By the way, Version 2 of Book Formatting for Self-Publishers includes information on LSI’s new templates. It is now available in ebook format. The new print version should be available by the end of September, depending upon the number of original, version one copies already in distribution partners’ warehouse inventory.

Also available, if you are primarily interested in learning how to format book cover files, is the following ebook, available on Amazon Kindle:

How to Format Book Covers for Print Publication in 8 Simple Steps
(Format a Book (Volume 3 of 3))

How to Format Book Covers

Available at Amazon $2.99

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