Book Formatting Commands for Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

I’ve had a number of people email me who own Mac computers, and who own Microsoft Word 2011 for the Mac. They would like to use the formatting information in Book Formatting for Self-Publishers, but have found that the instructions for finding commands and dialogue boxes in Microsoft Word 2010 for the PC are different on the Mac.

Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac, however, I did research the internet, trying to find the corresponding Word 2011 commands for the Mac. I hope the following information will be of help to Mac users as they follow the instructions in Book Formatting for Self-Publishers to format their books.

Print Preview
Go to Print tab, as in Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows

Display Print or Normal View:
Go to View tab, select “Print Layout” or “Draft”

Display Formatting Marks:
To Display Special Characters:
Go to Word tab, and then Preferences; select “View”. In resulting dialogue box, under “nonprinting characters” check the box next to “All”
Another method:
Go to View tab, select Reveal Formatting
More on these topics can be found at the following website:

Book Trim Size and Margins
Page Layout Size in Mac Word 2011:
Go to Layout tab, and then Page Setup; select “Size”
Go to Layout tab, and then Margins

Find and Replace:
From the Edit menu, select “Find”
or Press [Command] + [F]

Section Breaks
Go to Layout tab, and then Breaks

Formatting Paragraphs
Go to Format tab, and then Paragraph
This will provice access to setting first line indents, justifying text, eliminating widows and orphans, etc. It corresponds to”Set Up Body Text Format Style” in the book.

Formatting Text:
Go to Home tab, and then Paragraph

Insert Images:
Go to the Home tab, and then Insert; select the “Picture” button

Headers and Footers
Go to Layout tab, and then Header and Footer

Styles and Formatting
Go to Home tab, and then Styles
In the following website, choose “Explore the Styles tab in the Toolbox”

Insert Table of Contents
Go to Document Elements, and then Table of Contents
In the following website, choose “Insert a table of contents:

Excellent site for further help:
Microsoft Office for Mac

Online tutorials and videos for Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac:

Hope this helps. If you discover more information or links that would be of help to fellow Mac users, please add a comment to this blog post, or send an email to Diamond Press via the Contact page, above. The information will then be added to this page. It would be so much appreciated! Thank you!

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